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Cartier Looks Back To Its New Tank Must And Tank Louis Cartier Watches

Introduced by Louis Cartier in 1917, Tank’s iconic shape has been a timeless icon for over a century. In its latest redesign, the Best Tank Must Replica Site sees it return to its most classic shape, based on the earliest Tank designs.

Tank Louis Cartier remains more faithful to this original form than Tank Must throughout. However, the unified form gives consistency to the Tank range, and its design extends to other models like last year’s Solarbeat. This is in stark contrast to the Tank Solo, which has a longer shape and easily distinguishable flat top branding.

The more classic case shape of these new Tank models makes them a classic and versatile option. They are perfect for men and women who love the unique look of this iconic Cartier Replica Watches For Sale but want a slightly different look with the Roman numeral dial.

The New Tank Must And Tank Louis Cartier

Excluding the Tank Chinoise models that joined the Cartier Privé Replica Watches Online collection, there are five new Tanks in total. There are two kinds of gold, two kinds of stainless steel, and one kind of rose gold. This expansion of the Cartier Tank collection includes two rectangular “mosaic” dials in grey and Bordeaux, as well as my personal favorite, the all-black dial.

Following the release of the popular three-color Tank Must last year, the black version joins the blue, green and maroon versions. The black dial was previously exclusive to the Geneva boutique, but is now available to all.

It is the real highlight of the gold case of Tank Louis Cartier and the stainless steel case of Tank Must. However, my personal highlight, and the star released by Cheap Cartier Replica, is the Tank Louis Cartier with a black dial.

However, while I am partial to the glossy black lacquered dial, it is very worth highlighting what creates the “mosaic” dial. Cartier uses a special electro-chemical engraving technique that enables high-precision marking on the dial. While almost imperceptible to the naked eye, the different orientations of the markings form a set of sections that reproduce the pattern on the dial of a Cartier Must watch from the 1980s.

The red dial is lacquered and the grey dial is galvanized. The dial is then given a glossy finish to accentuate the four Roman numerals. All three Cartier Replica Watch are powered by the 1917 MC hand-wound movement. The movement offers a power reserve of 38 hours and operates at a speed of 21,600 vibrations per hour. Tank Must models are powered by quartz.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the brand has only seen growth over the past few years. Something tells me that these versions aren’t the last things we’ll see from Cartier in 2022.

Personally, I would love to see a solar version of the Black Dial Cartier Replica Tank Must. Its dial is perfect for Solarbeat technology, allowing for a larger surface area to absorb light.