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Few watch designs have the staying power of Cartier’s geometric masterpiece, the Tank. Fewer still have the breadth of appeal that makes them a style staple — worn by royalty, men and women alike. In fact, you could very easily argue that the Tank stands alone in this regard.The Cartier Tank Replica, with its defining lines, was remarkable in that it allowed for almost infinite variation and versatility, while still maintaining its clear personality. What is perhaps most impressive about all these watches is this cohesion, with its perfect proportions, smooth edges and rounded lugs. Regardless of how Cartier plays with the fundamentals of what makes a Tank, the watch is still instantly recognizable and an enduring symbol of what Swiss Made Cartier Replica stands for.

Perhaps we will see a new generation of male-identifying heartthrobs adopt the Panthère de Cartier watch. Certainly, the Tank has transitioned well into the 21st century. The design, now over a century old, continues to be a style staple, and not just with the peaked-lapel and dress Cartier Replica Watches Swiss Movement brigade.

This year Cartier’s Tank looked to the ’70s for inspiration, specifically the clean lines and rounded brancards of the Must. Cartier released a manually wound nod to the past in the form of two golden Tank Louis Cartier, with classical Deco-inspired dials in blue and burgundy. The focus on color didn’t stop there, as the Maison released a trio of quartz-powered Tank Must replica watches online in very Cartier hues of blue, green and burgundy.

But what really made this color-matched trio stand out was the fact that the design was surprisingly sparse, with nothing on the dial except the Quality Cartier Replica name; no numerals, no railroad track, nothing. And the effect was stunning. It was a masterful nod to the original Tank Vermeil releases.

The ethos of Cartier Tank

Creatively speaking, reworking a jewelry icon like the Tank is incredibly difficult to do since, on the one hand, we need to take connoisseurs’ expectations into account, but on the other, we’re aiming to introduce new generations. For this new version, the Cartier Watches Discount Forum challenge lies in the smooth evolution of its lines, rounded brancards and revisited dial proportions. All while remaining as faithful as possible to the historical model with modernized ergonomics that meet today’s requirements.”

This new caliber is, as you might guess, solar powered. But rather than the clunky and obvious solar cells that are typical with this sort of technology, the Tank SolarBeat’s photovoltaic cells are subtly incorporated into the Roman numerals and railroad track on the dial, preserving that unique Cartier Copy Watches dial design while allowing for a more sustainable movement.

And if you think the power source is impressive, the power reserve is remarkable — the SolarBeat movement offers autonomy for 16 years, a remarkable achievement and one which makes sense given the impressive staying power of the Tank design itself.

At the heart of the Tank’s appeal is its design. Good design is universal and isn’t limited by the vagaries of fashion, space or time. This is why the Genuine Cartier Watches, born out of the mechanized innovations of World War I and constantly tweaked and evolved, has remained a style icon for men and women the world over for more than a century.