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The Cartier Panthere Replica Watches Online

First introduced by the House of Cartier in the early 1980s, the Panthère watch quickly became one of the company’s signature timepieces for both men and women. In fact, the Cartier Panthère Replica was a favorite among celebrities like Pierce Brosnan and Tina Turner.

The Cartier Panthère’s Classic Appeal

Although the Cartier Panthère watch has since been discontinued, it remains a highly sought-after luxury replica watch thanks to its timeless style. Characterized by a white dial with Roman numerals, blue hands, and square bezel dotted with exposed screws, the Panthère will always be in style regardless of the era.

The most distinguishing design element of the Cartier Replica Watches Panthère however, is its bracelet. Composed of five interlocking links, the Panthère bracelet adds a dressy touch to the timepiece and its construction makes it very comfortable to wear.

Since the Panthère was unveiled during the height of the quartz movement era, these particular Cartier Replica Watches Swiss Movement are powered by quartz calibers, which makes them precise, reliable, and practical.

Popular Models of the Cartier Panthère

As with most Cartier collections, the Cartier Panthere Replica range strikes a seamless balance between its iconic silhouette and stylish versatility. A number of different models of the Panthère were made during its history, some in solid 18k yellow gold, others in stainless steel, and others in a two-tone mix of gold and steel.

A popular choice for the Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica watch is the two-tone 18k gold and steel option. The Cartier ref. W25028B6/1100 is a great example of a ladies’ two-tone Panthère watch. Sized at a feminine 26mm, the predominately steel case and bracelet are accented with a gold bezel and gold links.

The Cartier Panthère is an absolute vintage classic within the brand’s catalog. Although it was first unveiled over three decades ago, its graceful and timeless look ensures that the Panthère will continue to be a top pick among Cartier watch models for a long time.